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New Orleans, LA 70119



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Need some help with your comic? I can help with:

  • Flatting: $25 per page

  • Coloring (Cell or Airbrush style):
       $50 per page

  • Lettering: $20 per page

I've done flatting work for Tim Lattie's Night Stars, I've lettered my own comic, Mathilda since 2001, and have completed multiple programs/training from K. Michael Russell that I've applied to my work.

Yes, there are those that do these things at a cheaper rate. There always is. Just as there are those one who charge higher rates than I do. There always is.

  • 50% non-refundable deposit is made before production begins

  • I turn in the pages when the final 50% is deposited and clears

  • Timeline is negotiated before work begins

  • A contract is signed by both parties– No notarization is needed

  • All page rates double for short turnaround times of 2 weeks or less.

  • I don't work for free or for exposure

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