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RPG Characters

Have an RPG character you play drawn up by me. I can even draw it on your character sheet. How about NPC characters that appear in the games you run? From heroes to villains, and more than a few monsters too,  I've done all of these and probably more as a gamer myself! Pencils, inks, even color.


E-mail me or PM on Social Media with your request.

  • Half of payment is due up front

  • Half of initial down payment is non-refundable if you cancel your order before completion

  • Due date will be negotiated

  • Item will ship with tracking number and signature request on delivery after final payment has been received

  • No comic pages for your independent comic

  • * All original character design illustrations are for private use only of the purchaser and may not be duplicated for resell nor used to develop an IP.

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